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Eileen’s work includes highly complex, multi-party disputes in international infrastructure, energy, insurance, commercial contracts, property, family business and trusts, financial services, intellectual property and media work across Europe and from the Middle East, Asia, USA and Central America. As a former partner in a city law practice Eileen acted for a broad range of City and international clients and this expertise is now evident in the mediations she conducts. Her practice is also informed by a period working in the United States.

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Co-Mediation with Dr Karl Mackie CBE and others

In addition to being co-authors of The Mediator's Tale: The CEDR Story of Better Conflicts and International Mediation, Eileen and Karl are two prominent, world-class Mediators who are also celebrated for their pivotal roles in the founding, developing and leading of CEDR (the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution). Karl has also been widely recognised as “one of mediation’s biggest names” and ranked consistently in the top tier of commercial mediators. See more information on Karl.

Eileen and Karl have extensive experience of co-mediating together in difficult and complex cases, and also separately with prominent names in the mediation and legal worlds. Large proportions of these cases were in the public eye or were a matter of significant national interest.

Eileen Carroll QC (Hon)

Her work as a mediator has led to her being appointed to chair meetings and negotiations with a variety of organisations, in order to ensure important issues were resolved or impasses overcome, by maintaining productive dialogue between all parties and stakeholders.
Eileen holds a Coaching Qualification from Henley Management College and has provided coaching to senior executives from a range of industries. Eileen is lead faculty on the CEDR Advanced Negotiation Course and has been asked on several occasions to advise clients on preparing for complex negotiations and has facilitated a number of complex negotiations. She has also been engaged by multi-nationals to advise on Conflict Management to their senior Executive teams in both the advertising and media industries.

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Invited to speak at many international events, including Fordham University, Harvard Business School, OECD, World Bank and has made guest appearances on various Radio 4 programmes.


Author and co-author of many articles on ADR and has spoken on numerous platforms in Europe and North America, including:

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All of Eileen’s work is managed through CEDR Chambers (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution).

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All of Eileen’s work is managed through CEDR Chambers (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution). To enquire about Eileen’s availability or to book her for a mediation call the Commercial Team on +44 (0)20 7536 6060 or email adr@cedr.com. To contact Eileen directly, ecarroll@cedr.com+44 (0)7958 523024.